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Canada Goose Fact

Larger races of geese fly slower than smaller races. Giant Canada Geese fly in small family-sized flocks; smaller races migrate in large flocks, often numbering in the hundreds.


By Choo Choo LoveCode Editor

Along with misleading population numbers, wildlife agencies continue to accuse geese of posing a health threat and compromising water quality.

Let's get real - Canada geese are not the only living creatures in North America!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that no human illnesses have been linked to the presence of Canada geese in a suburban setting.

The assertion that geese pose a health threat is a fraud to justify the murder of innocent, defenseless animals.

How about water quality? 

It is true that Canada geese contribute poop, and therefore coliform to natural bodies of water; so do other mammals and birds. This is part of the natural ecology of lakes and ponds and mechanisms exist to correct it. Nature has its own way of accommodating this. It has done so for millions of years and it will continue to do so.

Besides, fecal coliform does not cause disease and is not a risk to human health.

The main culprits that cause pollution are waste from feed lots, artificial use of fertilizers on lawns and golf courses, use of pesticides on lawns and farms - in other words, human animals are the major cause of pollution in our lakes and streams.


So why take fecal coliform counts?

It's very easy to do but it isn't possible to know exactly who is contributing to the coliform counts. Geese aren't the only ones pooping in the lake or pond. There's other wildlife, human waste leaking from faulty sewage or septic systems, and/ or runoff from factory farms.