Charming and touching story about a little girl's love for a goose with one foot.

Injured Bend goose in need has friends indeed

July 19, 2007 12:41 AM

But getting him in for care is proving problematic

By Deanne Goodman, KTVZ.COM

He's not like the other geese that stroll around Bend's Drake Park - and it's not his fault. He's a victim of human littering, a limping prisoner to the fishing line wrapped around his leg.

Lacey Cossin saw him last week on her walk in the park.

"I thought he was sleeping because he had his leg up," she said. "It was really swollen and he's down here every day, same spot."

Cossin has been back to Drake Park every day to help the goose. She knows the geese can be annoying, but hates to see one suffer.

Deschutes Veterinarian Clinic will give the goose free care if it can be brought into the clinic. But Cossin has not been able to lure him in, and has called every city, park and wildlife department in the area to tell them about the goose. Bend Park and Rec has tried a couple times to capture the goose as well, but he's really skittish. A third try is planned Thursday.

The vets at Deschutes Veterinary say the wounded goose has a strangulation injury that could cause him to lose his leg or even die, if not helped soon. They're willing to remove the fishing line from the goose's leg, hopefully save its foot and nurture it back to health.